Matcha Club at Al Quoz - more than just a Padel

Padel tennis is a racket game adapted from tennis and played over a century. It’s a really popular way to spend your time with your friends in Dubai. You can find a lot of different places to play with authentic environment and unique design.

Today we want to share with you our experience of visiting the place called Matcha Club. It’s the brand-new destination that offers six outdoor padel tennis courts combined with wellness studio and laid-back dining concept NETTE.


When you arrive by car at first glance Matcha Club looks like a piece of Bali in the urban areas. Lots of greenery, gabion walls and orange metal parts of the court fences. It looks very attractive and you want to explore the place as soon as possible. When you go inside, you see a Padel court from both sides and a cafe right in the middle of the place. You can see people enjoying coffee or tea while working on their tablets or MacBooks. At this moment you realize that everything around you is not just about sports, but also about creativity and retreat.


Nette is a trendy cafe with outdoor courtyard located between yoga studios and padel courts. You can taste the French dishes with the playful flavours of Japan. Designed by Chef Shaunne Cordier the menu includes miso, taragosia, mirin and tamari.

The menu will be appreciated by lovers of healthy meals and superfoods. Also you can joy a rich list of drinks - coffee, smoothies, matcha iced latte, apple ginger aid, celery punch and many more.


The are two wellness studios for those who looking to bliss out with a yoga or meditation session led by the city’s top instructors. We did not try their services, but you can choose an instructor you like on the Matcha Club website. Hope you will be satisfied.

The verdict

The Matcha Club is a boutique padel club in Dubai with a restaurant from the team behind Cassette Dubai, offering innovative French-Japanese dining in the heart of Al Quoz. It’s a perfect place for yoga and padel game, cosy family outings, casual catch ups with friends and even dates.

Location: Al Quoz Court : 20 8 St, Al Quoz, Dubai

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