Osh Del Mar now also a place for tempting night parties

Osh Del Mar is an elevated Uzbek restaurant in the heart of Dubai, bringing a world-class experience with the highest quality in restaurant standards.From an elegant exterior to a luxurious interior, the restaurant offers a new experience to its customers overlooking Dubai’s most stunning views as it’s located at The Address Beach resort in JBR.

The restaurant’s menu features a variety of dishes influenced by the country’s rich cultural heritage and flavors from Central Asia. Each dish is carefully crafted with fresh ingredients and an artistic touch that elevates it to another level.

Recently, the restaurant launched a format of unique parties, offering guests to spend the evening in an atmosphere of a festive event. On the terrace, guests can enjoy live performances by famous DJs featured by a charismatic host. Taste a refreshing cocktails, fragrant hookah and favorite dishes of Uzbek cuisine.

The new format made quite a fuss in the Dubai club industry, attracting bright guests and popular influencers. We encourage you to visit Osh Del Mar and check it out for yourself. We'd love to read your feedback in our Telegram channel!

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